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He served for many years in the Minnesota Senate, ultimately as President, and was the chief Senate author of Minnesota’s 1993 GLBT rights bill. [My father] tried to get me interested in these quote “manly” pursuits, but I never took to them, and I was always much more interested in watching my mother cook in the kitchen…My parents had hopes that I was going to be going to a little more of a “rah rah” kind of university where I might get into a fraternity and learn to be a little more properly socialized than I was, and start dating girls and do all that kind of thing.And so I went to Northwestern my freshman year…But I decided I didn’t want to spend four years in a big ten university [and looked into Oberlin]…Oberlin was one of several African-American communities settled around Raleigh after the Civil War and later annexed by the city.

In its research, the Friends group discovered that a narrow driveway that was guaranteed to provide access to the cemetery from Oberlin Road has been paved over by a neighboring landowner.

Chanel denies this, but Cathy, believing that Chanel wanted Melanie out of the way to take the sorority for herself, as well as her plans to take down KKT, started with revoking its charter.

Gigi Caldwell arrives in the room, introducing herself as a lawyer and saying that Cathy cannot revoke the charter and apologizes.

At the end of Season One, she, Chanel #3, and Chanel #5 are sentenced to life at the Palmer Insane Asylum after being framed for the Red Devil murders by Hester Ulrich.

Later, the girls are acquitted of the murder charges, but are disowned by their families.