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Many people use Craigslist to find roommates, cheap furniture, used cars or part-time jobs. I decided to dive into Craigslist's "Casual Encounters" — a section made for no-strings hookups — to see if any of what I assumed about that virtual place was true.
For men looking for a rich single woman, you will be partnered with attractive and affluent women that will make your dating experience worthwhile.

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So stop wasting your time searching - meet your biker match today and you'll be on the road in no time! Just ask Mike and Barbie, who met on Biker Planet and were married in February, 2016 in Las Vegas!

One question: where do you keep your shoe care kit? ' the shop assistant enquired.'I have one thank you'....'although I must confess it's a while since I used it' (Reminder to self: shake off this interminable affliction of needing to tell everyone I meet how hopeless I am)'Have you thought about keeping your protector in the bottom of your wardrobe, next to your shoes and boots?

I saw a question on another website from a woman asking why her boyfriend won't take her for a motorcycle ride when he goes out with his buddies.

There's a smaller reason that when guys go out riding, they want to burn up the roads, go fast, take their bikes hard into the corners.

It seems like most of the women in this age range specify wanting to be with a guy who is a biker with tattoos. Strangely a large number of the women in my age group have the same 1980s hairstyle they had in high school. Like better pictures, and a more detail description. The way some see it, is if you aren't willing to put time into selling yourself then why bother. You just have to try a little harder than you did years ago. It really just shows how unoriginal most of the sheep are nowadays. Although it is what they like in a person at the time, yet I see them as one-trick ponies with no imagination. Personally if I see a motorcycle or if they talk about one I rule them out for my own personal reasons. Women either wouldn't date him because of the motorcycle or they would freak out when he took them out because they had no idea what riding a bike is truly like.

Even stranger is the idea of the "cougar" which seems to boost the ego of women in this age group no matter how badly they have aged. The only thing that matters in this is to not compromise who you are as a person. I am so thinking about getting a perm in my hair now.. He says he knew I was a keeper when I didn't freak out try to strangle him or tip us over on our first ride. Everyone has a preference - just like most women freak out and run away over my lifted truck. My issue is I cant get a women in my age group I can only date 25 year olds it seems.

So, now, every time I go out, and every time I come in, I give my suede shoes and boots a good old spray.

If you look terrified, they’ll feed off that too, but not necessarily because they’re bullies.

I would rather be myself and loved for it than being loved for what I wear, the technical gadgets I may possess, or the art on my skin. However, I am not sure how professional 80's hair would be for work! Bikes do seem kind of "faddish" for some at the moment though. No women in her 40s to 50s will look at me twice but I get all kinds of looks from 20 somethings and the over 55 crowd...that they are too young too inmature.

Have a friend out east who suddenly became interested in them because of a guy she is "dating"..out of character and it seems like she is just trying too hard with him....might be wrong though. Im here for that reason and bikers are just like everday people.

When you hear the unmistakable roar of a pack of Harleys pulling into the parking lot of a bar you had no idea was a biker hangout, one thing goes through your mind. Instead of panicking, follow these rules and emerge from the experience a better man for having learned the humanity behind a group of people you only thought you knew. If the bartender can’t stand you, they’ll sense that too.

If it’s clear that the bartender thinks you’re an all right guy, they’ll assume you’re okay too.